Palin: Links for September 4, 2008

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Washington Post: Palin's coming out party
BBC: Palin takes battle to democrats
NPR: Palin strikes back at critics
USA Today: Palin introduces herself, jabs critics
Yahoo: Palin hits a grand slam

I vote differently at the state level than I do at the national level. On the national stage, I watch for candidates who will lower my taxes and provide a feeling of security at home. At the state level, I vote for candidates who best align with domestic issues I care about. So, I guess you might call me an independent.

I try to watch for candidates who are different...better...who will make history. So, I watched Obama and Hillary with a lot of interest this year. In the end, as I watched the democratic national convention, I actually found myself feeling incredibly sad that Hillary was completely out of the running. It was the end of her time. And, despite carrying half of the democratic party, Obama didn't pick her to be his VP running mate.

Obama has always reminded me of my big brother...the one I don't like. He's condescending and comes off as a know-it-all. And, in the end, he's just plain sexist. So, as you can tell, I am completely disappointed in the democratic candidate for president this year. I don't care about what he's all empty to me.

When John McCain announced his choice for VP, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, my eyes went wide and I gasped. It was a complete surprise and I was almost hysterical with excitement. Although I already admired and respected McCain for his years of military services and from his attempts in previous campaigns, his surprise choice made me like him even more.

As I watched Sarah Palin over the last few days, I realized that she has an incredible balancing act to perform. She must be tough without being labeled as "shrill", be serious even though people are taken with her looks, and prove she can do the job while spending enough time with her kids. This fine line she has to walk is not a man's journey, but a woman's.

I waited for her speech last night with anticipation. Rudy Gulliani gave an incredible keynote address, but when she walked on the stage and began her conversation with the world, she stole the limelight. As the mom of a child with development disorders, I felt a common bond. She touched on all the issues I cared about: the economy, taxes, foreign policy, energy, and security. As I continued listening, I knew I was knee-deep in a historical moment.

There's finally a woman to vote for, and although I would have preferred it to be in the presidential spot, I'll take John McCain instead. In the words of Nancy Gibbs in Time, "you felt the shattered glass raining gently down" at the end of her speech. That matters to me.

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