PR 2.0

Hey. I contributed to a book...2 years ago. It was just published.

PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences
by Deirdre Breakenridge

Published by FT Press, 2008
ISBN 0321510070, 9780321510075
304 pages

Here's a summary:
"PR 2.0 is a combination of social media tools that are available to communications professionals for both large and small brands to use to reach influencers and consumer audiences directly. Social media is a direct-to-consumer approach that allows audiences to drive the communication in their communities. In a Web 2.0 world, where thousands of communities are built, the traditional methods of web communication are not suitable. Web 2.0 technology (everything from podcasts to RSS feeds to blogs) combined with an audience's desire to build and share content has transformed the PR industry. As a result, PR professionals are beginning to incorporate PR 2.0 into their strategy and planning as an effective way to communicate directly to Web 2.0 audiences, to raise awareness and increase overall brand exposure. The book begins by looking at the challenges people are immediately facing, including incorporating all the new tools that are available. The book then goes on to examine ways to think about PR in the new landscape, including setting up an online newsroom, and using visual and social media in releases. The book concludes with how PR professionals need to react in this new environment, and how they should plan for the future."
Now, if I could only be listed as an author. I need to finish my book. Sci fi, set in 2050. I dream about it.

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