Just read an interesting post by Paul Murphy on ZDNet. He said a lot of interesting things about Sun and gave some good advice to our company. I like this in particular:

Basically: the strategy would be to charge a premium price for a premium product and differentiate on operational stability.

Build on the Fujitsu relationship, stay the course with the big data center customers, but focus a lot more effort in the small to mid range market: the people who desperately want stuff that “just works” and now think they have nowhere to go.

These people are angry about IT, about something that looks so simple but costs them money and aggravation every single day of the week -and no one’s telling them that Sun has exactly what they need. Bundle open source applications with preconfigured hardware, provide personalized sales and real operational support, add legal protections, push Sun Ray, and these guys will stampede to Sun.

And that, particularly for the people who work at Sun, is really where the silver lining is for today’s market behavior.

I know when I came to Sun, I was completely Microsoft and Apple brainwashed. Then, I downloaded OpenOffice and StarOffice and realized I could have been getting for free everything that I had been paying for -- for years! And, I discovered that Java is the most popular programming language in the world. Now, I'm helping to bring the best cloud computing solution to the market. And, I'm sure proud to be here.

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