Dell and Intel Extreme Gaming Tour

We tailgated at the Texas game last weekend. Sam and I wandered around the sponsor booths and were excited to see the Dell / Intel Extreme Gaming Tour. I have to admit I'm a big fan of AMD technology, especially when it comes to gaming. But, I was very willing to look at what Intel had to offer.

Our family loves gaming. In fact, if you play Halo 3 online, you'll find us at BelowZero34, YAMY34, and Phena34. We also consider ourselves pretty good at Rock Band and Guitar Hero. We have other games, but the ones I mentioned are what we really love.

Anyway, we like to look at the new games coming out and rode our bikes over to their 18 wheeler showcase. Sam is the gaming expert in our family. He's able to get into the technology very quickly.

Sam wondered around at the different stations and chose a slick computer to start with. He poked and prodded, but the thing wouldn't work. A bit frustrated, he went to another. That didn't work, either. A third gaming station didn't work, either.

He sighed and went to the back of the tour stage and tried another one. This one let him click through on the Play Game button. However, he was disappointed that it didn't let him play any game. In fact, all it wanted to do is show him a demo. The little guy was very unimpressed.

I look at technology through the eyes of my son. He is brilliant and able to use and understand almost any technology very quickly. If something doesn't work for him, it's not going to work for someone else.

Dell and Intel: Take a lesson from Apple. Make stuff that is usable and just works.

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